About Us

The Surf is up and so is The Gold Coast Bowls Shop - NOW online. Introducing a platform for lovers of surf and turf, the GCBS is a dedicated online shop for all your Lawn bowls needs.

"Excellent online store, I have purchased items previously from GCBS and very happy with the customer service."

- Neil, Jan 21 2017


A few years ago GCBS noticed a gap in the market, with local bowls shops lacking range, styles and visibility of Lawn Bowls products.

Now, with years of industry experience and passion for customer service, The GCBS has brought to life an Australia Lawn Bowls experience.

This online platform provides shoppers from around Australia a huge home for Lawn bowls products.


All Lawn Bowls are shipped within Australia for FREE.


If you would like to chat about products or need advice;

Give them a call on (07) 3391 5222 or make contact via the CONTACT US page.

The online shop is managed/ operated in Queensland, with a team of staff that are passionate experienced bowlers.